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Complaint Policy for RRRSI Service Users

RRRSI maintains a belief that service users have the right to complain if they have a grievance, and receive a response and opportunity to attempt to resolve that grievance within a reasonable time.

RRRSI welcomes grievances as they have an important role in monitoring service provision, and helping us to improve our services to clients.  Grievances, complaints or expressions of dissatisfaction can be made verbally or in writing to the CEO of RRRSI, with privacy and confidentiality being assured.  All complaints are kept securely stored by the CEO.

All grievances will be treated seriously, in a timely manner and investigated thoroughly. 




Follow these steps to make a complaint:-


The service user is encouraged to express the grievance, complaint or dissatisfaction to the Program Coordinator or the CEO of RRRSI, either verbally or in writing.  The service user is encouraged to raise the matter directly with the CEO or the relevant Program Coordinator.  If the complaint is about an employee of RRRSI (paid or voluntary) said employee will be given the opportunity to clarify their views on the matter.  Thorough investigation will aim to identify key aspects of the matter at hand and possible solutions and achievable timeframes will be explored.  The aim is to address the matter within five (5) working days.  If unresolved, implementation of step 2 is required.


Talk to the CEO about your complaint, who will endeavour to assist with the resolution of the matter.  The service user will be offered to have an advocate, support person or independent mediator present.


If the problem is still not resolved within two weeks of making the complaint, or the complaint is about the CEO, you can submit the complaint to the RRRSI Board of Directors.

Please use the RRRSI Service User Complaint Form.  It is acceptable to ask someone from your family, a friend or your advocate to write down what you say, if you have problems with writing.

When you have your complaint in writing, send it to the Chairperson at this address:


                                                            Parry Karlovassitis

                                                            1 Powell Street

                                                            Berri SA 5343


Mark the envelope CONFIDENTIAL


The Chairperson will ask you to a meeting to discuss your complaint.  The people at the meeting will be:-


Your advocate (this could be someone from your family, a friend or a Support Worker) if desired

2 Representatives of the Management Team as appropriate and the CEO

Everyone at the meeting will display honesty and apply procedural fairness.  What is discussed at the meeting will be minuted and you will be provided with a copy.  This will be the Chairperson’s responsibility.  Any decisions made at the meeting regarding your complaint will be put in writing.


You do not have to go through the RRRSI Grievance Procedure if you do not wish to.  You can contact any of the organisations listed below to help you make your complaint.


Health & Community Services                           Disability Advocacy & Complaints

Complaints Commissioner                                 Service of South Aus Inc.

Ph:  1800 232 007 (Freecall)                                 Ph:  (08) 8297 3500


Riverland Advocacy Service                              Disability SA (Riverland)

Ph:  8582 2422                                                         Ph:  (08) 8582 2400

"Disability has no limits"

Call Us On : 08 85823110

Email Us : admin@riverlandrespite.org.au